Hello, I am Ashley Gibbs - Pilot, Manager, Diver




Hello my name is Ashley Gibbs, as you can see I am a Pilot.

I have completed all the training to be the proud owner of an UK issued JAA (Frozen) Airline Transport Pilotís Licence, as well as holding a Multi Crew Co-operation Certificate.


I started regular flying in 1996, as a member of the Jersey Aero Club.

My flying experience has taken me to the Channel Islands, France, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Italy, Spain, England, Scotland, South Africa and Botswana.

I have visited 41 different airfields (including RAF Bruggen, just before its closure) as pilot and several more as navigator.


My first long distance flight was from Jersey to Belgium, Holland and Germany with only 71 hours in my log book. I broke my first hundred hours abeam Pisa returning to Jersey from Rome. Both flights were in a
PA28 Archer 2.


I have won 3 trophies for the longest distance flown in a year, 2 trophies in the 48th Jersey International Air Rally (the Safety Trophy and the Highest Scoring New Entrant Trophy), as well as being the navigator of the winning team in the Lessay Rally.
Now I am a competition judge in the Jersey International Air Rally.

Doing all this flying has helped me to amass over 650 hours (over 27 solid days) as a pilot.

I have flown a variety of aircraft during my flying life:

I have flown four types of single engine aeroplane, one of which, 3 variations, and three types of multi engine aeroplane, one of which, 2 variations. I have also flown a Beech 200, Turboprop simulator, the most enjoyable time of all because it was based on the precise disciplines of professional flying.

My favourite single engine aeroplane I have flown is the De Havilland Canada DHC1 Chipmunk; it is easy to see why.

My favourite multi engine aeroplane I have flown is the Cessna 310, I flew the Q variant, a tricky aeroplane to fly but once you understand its properties it is more like flying a larger, high performance aeroplane, and very rewarding.


Cessna 310 Q


DHC1 'Chipmunk' mk22A


Piper PA44-180 Seminole